Tuition Policies

* Tuition
 Includes: Early Arrival (7:30-8:40am) for all children
 Payments are to be paid weekly and
 · May include more than one(1) week
 · Must be received on Mondays by 6pm
 · Must include the $10 late fee if paid after 6pm on Mondays
 · Will incur a $25.00 returned check fee if check is returned by our bank

* Use of Afternoon Extended Hours
 Is available to all children currently enrolled for half day
 · With advance notice to the preschool office
 · Provided there are openings in the appropriate age group
 · With an additional charge of $30 per day(1:00-6:00pm) $50 per full day(8:40-6:00pm)

* 10% Sibling Savings
 Automatically applied for each additional child enrolled during the same school year and will be shown on the financial agreement section of the enrollment application.

*Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance to enroll is no longer available. Families who will need assistance to enroll their child/ren can contact the Virginia Department of Social Services with whom we work. Families who experience a crisis or emergency during the current year of enrollment that will result in their temporarily not being in a financial position to pay their tuition should contact the Preschool Director immediately and we will do our best to work out an alternative payment plan.

Yearly Calendar